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4 Responses to “Track Me”

  1. Thinking about you. How are you doing? What cities have you been through?

    • Hello Art,

      I am doing fine. Thank you for asking. Just a bit behind schedule. Yet, once I get south of Richmond, VA I will be able to ride faster as the terrain will be flat. I have been through many cities. If you click on the following link you will see the Day-by-Day photography of each place I have visited.

      Sincere regards,

      Rafael Giraldo

  2. Following your travels, Rafael, and remembering your time with us in Milford, NJ. Still telling people about your trek and your love of life. Soon you will be home but your legs will keep peddling, even it it is only in your sleep. We just can’t imagine.
    Don was our guest last night. He is an artist/teacher bicycling 1600 miles from Springfield, Illinois to Washington D.C. following Lincoln’s inaugural train route and recording the present day condition of the landscape. He certainly did not have the ease and comfort of your recumbent trike. You guys are exhausting us just by visualizing your trips. We told him all about you, Rafael. Sending you love and blessings. Linda and Rob

    • Dear Linda,

      Greetings from sunny Florida. This afternoon I managed to cross the border with Georgia. My goal is to make it home by this Sunday. I really need to see my wife and daughters. Two months on the road is a long time to be away. I have very fond memories of the time spent with you and Rob at Chestnut Hill. Next summer, I will not be cycling and intend to return to Milford, NJ with my three women.. It would be unfair not share with them the wonderful people and places I have met and seen on this trip. It will be good to see you both, again.


      Rafael Giraldo

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